CEP I (2014) 

collaboration with Anna Eyler



CEP I (2014) is a mixed-media sculpture combining electronics with cast concrete and fluorescent yellow Plexiglas. The translucent Plexiglas reflects back the ambient light of the space, causing the edges to glow to create a defined yet visually permeable structure. Two rectangular, concrete columns support the sheet of Plexiglas, which emerges from the rough sides of the concrete, distressed and eroded to reference the passage of time. Rather than suggesting a stable core beneath the concrete layer, however, the work uses the translucency and luminosity of the Plexiglas to echo back the environment of the site. In this sense, the piece suggests a hidden interior, but that interior is ultimately empty.


A 4-Digit LED is embedded in the concrete, displaying constantly changing (and seemingly infinite) computations of data, which draw attention to the layers of digital information present in our technologically saturated world. Recessed in the column’s surface, the digits appear to communicate the inner machinations (or thoughts) of the sculpture. This “animation” of the inanimate draws connections between the “minds” of machines and human consciousness.