Regard des mages (2017) Documentation by Miles Rufelds


Simultaneously suggestive of drone and satellite, Regard des mages probes the connections between objecthood, materiality, and the digital artefact. Functioning as both digital circumambulation and three-dimensional map, the work offers what appears to be a window into digital space, bringing the ontology of the digital object to the fore while questioning our relationship to virtual environments. 


Three tablet-sized screens slowly orbit in space, supported by austere, industrial structures. At once solid and mobile, they appear ready to be posted to new terrains at a moment’s notice. The videos within mimic the motion of the structures, the cameras slowly panning around asteroid-like forms, mapping them in virtual space. In so doing, Regard des mages also speaks to contemporary methods of surveillance, data collection, and cartography. At its core, the work functions not as a window into virtual space, but as some record of an imagined future, as a beacon or transmission from another moment in time.

text by Anna Eyler